• Due to the nature of goods UPS damaged in the shipping process, except when it is exchanged and will not return.
    • a product when there is a problem with the contents, please contact the customer service center.
    Customer Service: 1-714-442-0679 GEUMSAM / JD SYSTEM CORP.
    • when send the goods to exchange, refund buyer information, please accurately fill (if the buyer did not exactly fill the information may be shipping delays.)
    Returns and damaged goods during the shipping process a refund (return address to send 9580 Garden Grove Bl, # 300 D, Garden Grove, CA 92844 / 1-714-442-0679 
    • exchange of refund of the pre-consultation contact please.
    • Customer Service: 1-714-442-0679 GEUMSAM / JD SYSTEM CORP.
    • the item is defective upon return, if shipping will be borne by the seller. (Do not let the goods during the exchange and return shipping costs are the consumers responsibility.)
    • request to purchase goods out of stock products provide the reason, when you do not have to notify the customer that the reason for taking the action for a refund of the goods payment within 5 days from the date of receipt of the payment for the Goods.